II. The Southeast Asian Games will take place as follows:

1. On campus Program (exam council program at the school):

Each university around the world will select a Campus Director position to hold a test board at the school from 1/10/2018 to 20/1/2019, each examination board at the school will select a contest team to compete in the finals of the Southeast Asian Games held in Vietnam. For more information on the topic please visit: Hult Prize Challenge

2. Accelerator Program (Accelerator training program):

South East Asia winning team will join with other global teams to join the accelerator program in London (from early July to the end of August),

3. Hult Prize Global:

After the Accelerator program completes social entrepreneurship skills and models, the six best-performing teams will enter the global final.

III. About Campus Director:

1. Job description and visual introduction to Campus Director: Hult Prize Campus Director Brochure
2. Benefits:
– Operating in an international environment, continuously connecting with international businesses, international students, international and global organizations, etc.
– Enhance personal experience, enrich experience for job applicants.
– Honored and entitled to benefits from the Hult Prize Foundation if you are top 10 global directorates
– Have the opportunity to work at Hult Prize Southeast Asia.
– With the Hult Prize and United Nations certification, on the certificate signed by the 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton, the signature of Ahmad Askar – the CEO and founder of the global Hult Prize, etc. ..

3. Registration form: After the University recruited Campus Director, on the side of HP Southeast Asia will process procedures for candidates on the Hult Prize Global. After completing the registration process, the global Hult Prize SEA and Hult Prize will send training schedules and necessary materials to Campus Director.

The school can send the candidates to your email or the applicant directly at the link: Hult Prize Southeast Asia Campus Director Application 2018-2019.

IV. General rules

1. Language of exam:
– Language of exam at the examination board of schools in Vietnam: Vietnamese and English
– Language of competition at the Council of the Final Prize of Southeast Asia Final Schools: English

2. Quantity:
– Number of members per team at the examination board: from 3 to 4 people.
– Number of teams from each base test board: 1 team.
– The number of entries in the South East Asia Final Round: from 30 to 50 teams across Southeast Asia
– Number of teams participating in the Accelerator program in London: expected from 1 to 3 teams.

3. Regarding the basic examination board:
– Each grassroots exam board only organizes internally.
– Most organized forms run by CD.
– For more information, please visit the website: